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HubbleHubble's Amazing Rescue 
The unlikely story of how the world's most beloved telescope was saved.
The Elegant Universe (Hour 2)The Elegant Universe (Hour 2) 
The Elegant Universe (Hour 2)pbs47:00
Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings.
The Elegant Universe (Hour 1)The Elegant Universe (Hour 1) 
The Elegant Universe (Hour 1)pbs47:00
Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings.
Last ExtinctionLast Extinction 
Scientists propose a radical new idea of what killed off mammoths and other large animals at the end of the Ice Age.
Going DeepGoing Deep 
Going Deepyoutube26:00
A look back at the decades of effort that culminated in the deep sub Alvin reaching the ocean floor, and a look forward to what's next now Alvin's...
How does the "intelligence" of an ant colony or the stock market arise out of the simple actions of its members?
Science & Technology
Cars That ThinkCars That Think 
Cars That Thinkyoutube26:00
The fully automatic car may be down the road a ways, but cars that do your thinking for you are just around the corner.
Hydrogen HopesHydrogen Hopes 
Hydrogen Hopesyoutube26:00
Hydrogen may be the fuel of the future, but what will it take to safely and efficiently make the transition from today’s fossil fuels?
Replacement synthetic senses for people are now a reality.
Arctic DinosaursArctic Dinosaurs 
Experts in Alaska investigate how dinosaurs managed to thrive in polar regions.
Missing in MiG AlleyMissing in MiG Alley 
What happened to American pilots shot down over Korea half a century ago?
Secrets of the ParthenonSecrets of the Parthenon 
Secrets of the Parthenonyoutube49:00
How did the ancient Athenians build this near-flawless icon of Greece's golden age?
The Fluoride DeceptionThe Fluoride Deception 
Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC, discusses the findings of his new book The Flouride Deception.
Cancer WarriorCancer Warrior 
Judah Folkman and other researchers pioneer a novel approach to cancer treatment.
DoctorsDoctors' Diaries 
Seven doctors, 21 years... Saving lives is only part of the story.
Extreme IceExtreme Ice 
Extreme Icepbs50:00
An acclaimed photographer teams up with scientists to document the runaway melting of arctic glaciers.
Hot Planet - Cold ComfortHot Planet - Cold Comfort 
Hot Planet - Cold Comfortyoutube26:00
So you think global warming won't affect you?
Ocean Animal EmergencyOcean Animal Emergency 
Ocean Animal Emergencypbs50:00
Wildlife veterinarians struggle to save injured seals and sea lions on the California coast.
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