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How Large is the Universe?How Large is the Universe? 
The universe has long captivated us with its immense scales of distance and time. How far does it stretch? Where does it end and what lies beyond its...
Space Shuttle DisasterSpace Shuttle Disaster 
Space Shuttle Disasterpbs50:00
An investigation uncovers the human failures and design flaws behind the 2003 Columbia tragedy.
The Elegant Universe (Hour 2)The Elegant Universe (Hour 2) 
The Elegant Universe (Hour 2)pbs47:00
Eleven dimensions, parallel universes, and a world made out of strings.
To Fly or Not to FlyTo Fly or Not to Fly 
To Fly or Not to Flyyoutube49:18
Computer graphics recreate the period 150 million years ago when small, fast-running dinosaurs evolved feathers and took to the air.
The Problems of ParenthoodThe Problems of Parenthood 
The Problems of Parenthoodyoutube49:18
David Attenborough looks at the fascinating diversity of feeding practices and behavioural patterns employed by birds.
Rat AttackRat Attack 
Rat Attackpbs50:00
Why do huge swarms of rats overrun a bamboo forest in India once every half-century?
Science & Technology
The Big Energy GambleThe Big Energy Gamble 
The Big Energy Gamblepbs50:00
Can California's ambitious plan to cut greenhouse gases actually succeed?
Cars That ThinkCars That Think 
Cars That Thinkyoutube26:00
The fully automatic car may be down the road a ways, but cars that do your thinking for you are just around the corner.
Hunting the Hidden DimensionHunting the Hidden Dimension 
Hunting the Hidden Dimensionpbs50:00
Mysteriously beautiful fractals are shaking up the world of mathematics and deepening our understanding of nature.
The Spy FactoryThe Spy Factory 
The Spy Factorypbs50:00
Examine the high-tech eavesdropping carried out by the National Security Agency and the pitfalls of surveillance in an age of terrorism.
Easter IslandEaster Island 
Easter Islandyoutube54:22
Travel to Easter Island to discover the secrets of this vanished civilization.
Missing in MiG AlleyMissing in MiG Alley 
What happened to American pilots shot down over Korea half a century ago?
The Fluoride DeceptionThe Fluoride Deception 
Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist and former producer at the BBC, discusses the findings of his new book The Flouride Deception.
Hidden MotivesHidden Motives 
Hidden Motivesyoutube26:00
How does the unconscious mind determine human behavior?
Marathon ChallengeMarathon Challenge 
Marathon Challengeyoutube52:45
Every year thousands of athletes from across the globe flock to Boston to run the city's marathon.
Ocean Animal EmergencyOcean Animal Emergency 
Ocean Animal Emergencypbs50:00
Wildlife veterinarians struggle to save injured seals and sea lions on the California coast.
Extreme IceExtreme Ice 
Extreme Icepbs50:00
An acclaimed photographer teams up with scientists to document the runaway melting of arctic glaciers.
Hunt for the SupertwisterHunt for the Supertwister 
Hunt for the Supertwisteryoutube52:46
In seconds, a supertwister can leave immense swaths of death and destruction. What if technology could help us tame nature’s most violent tornadoes?
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