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Mars World That Never WasMars World That Never Was 
Just about every two years, the planet Mars makes its closest approach to Earth around 36 million miles. Thats when we pack our robotic emissaries...
HubbleHubble's Amazing Rescue 
The unlikely story of how the world's most beloved telescope was saved.
How did the colossal forces of the early universe make it possible for habitable worlds to emerge?
Lizard KingsLizard Kings 
Lizard Kingspbs50:00
Meet the monitors, the largest, fiercest and craftiest lizards on Earth.
Last ExtinctionLast Extinction 
Scientists propose a radical new idea of what killed off mammoths and other large animals at the end of the Ice Age.
Cuba: The Accidental EdenCuba: The Accidental Eden 
What will happen to Cuba's ecological riches?
Science & Technology
The Great Robot RaceThe Great Robot Race 
The Great Robot Raceyoutube49:00
Driverless vehicles compete in a 130-mile race across the Mojave Desert.
Robot PalsRobot Pals 
Robot Palsyoutube26:00
To be really useful, robots need to behave as cooperative partners rather than mindless machines.
Explores the booming field of alternative energy.
The BibleThe Bible's Buried Secrets 
The Bible's Buried Secretspbs1:40:00
An archeological detective story traces the origins of the Hebrew Bible.
Arctic DinosaursArctic Dinosaurs 
Experts in Alaska investigate how dinosaurs managed to thrive in polar regions.
An elite corps of secret U.S. astronauts is trained to gather intelligence on the Soviets during the Cold War.
Hidden MotivesHidden Motives 
Hidden Motivesyoutube26:00
How does the unconscious mind determine human behavior?
The Future Of FoodThe Future Of Food 
The Future Of Foodhulu1:28:54
The Future Of Food offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store...
A Walk to BeautifulA Walk to Beautiful 
A Walk to Beautifulyoutube52:00
A powerful story of healing and hope for women in Ethiopia devastated by childbirth injuries.
Ocean Animal EmergencyOcean Animal Emergency 
Ocean Animal Emergencypbs50:00
Wildlife veterinarians struggle to save injured seals and sea lions on the California coast.
Hot Planet - Cold ComfortHot Planet - Cold Comfort 
Hot Planet - Cold Comfortyoutube26:00
So you think global warming won't affect you?
Extreme IceExtreme Ice 
Extreme Icepbs50:00
An acclaimed photographer teams up with scientists to document the runaway melting of arctic glaciers.
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